GopherCon UK 2019

By | golang
GopherCon UK 2019 Hello Gopher’s, with these words GopherCon UK kicked off. The venue was packed with enthusiastic people interested in Go.  Dylan (UZ. Leuven) and myself (Brecht ~ JArchitects) are ready for 2 days of conferencing and networking. GopherCon...
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Company Dinner 2019

By | teamevents

In February 2019 we traditionally organised our yearly company dinner. A perfect time to exchange some stories with colleagues in an informal way. As you can see we had a really great time.  

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Oreilly Software Architecture NYC

By | software architecture

In February 2019 we joined the Oreilly Software Architecture in New York City. During this conference we got an update about the latest trends in software architecture. From domain-driven design and microservices to application architecture and distributed systems.  

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Machine Learning Conference 2018

By | Machine learning

2018 is almost over. But will still have some time to share yet another conference overview. This time it was a Machine Learning oriented conference. To be more precise the ‘ML Conference – The Conference for Machine Learning Innovation‘ held…

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OWASP Benelux days ’18

By | security

On the 29th of November 2018 some of our colleagues followed the OWASP ZAP training given by David Scrobonia. ZAP (Zed Attack Proxy) is one of OWASP’s flagship projects. ZAP a free, open source  tool used for testing web applications…

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