JArchitects is a digital solution provider with a major focus on Java, Mobile & AI.  We develop fixed price projects and also do T&M consultancy.   We highly invest in innovation and also bring this expertise towards our customers. Today in 2020 our team count 35+ of experts.  We are still looking for ambitious developers and software architects which want to give their career a big boost.  At JArchitects our employees really make the difference!

Java & cloudnative solutions

JArchitects is your perfect partner in enterprise java and cloudnative solutions.  Does your business need a scalable and robust software solution with zero downtime?  Is quick time to market important for your business?  We can help you with technology choices, Domain Driven Design, integration patterns, automating your CICD pipelines and bringing the devops principles to your enterprise.

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Mobile solutions

JArchitects has a proven record in developing outstanding native iOS and Android applications for major Belgian clients. We follow the latest industry standards to inspire your business with the latest mobile trends. Since our company has also experience in building cloudnative and high-available backends we can offer your business a full-stack & integrated solution build with security in mind.

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Machine Learning

Since 2017 we also strongly focus on machine learning engineering and intelligent solutions. We provide our customers with specialized advice and help them to simplify their business processes considerably. Our certified specialists look at how our customers can save time and money by dealing more efficiently with your data.   We extract knowledge and insights from data. We implement intelligent solutions that can evolve over time by learning from data. This is how we bring real value to your company.

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The team

A fantastic team of 35+ developers.  A no-nonsense approach and an open culture! That’s JArchitects!

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